Seasoning Wipes FAQ

Simply remove a Seasoning Wipe from the dispenser and wipe the entire surface of your cast iron cookware and heat to smoking. Checkout our more detailed instructions.

Generally, using Seasoning Wipes after each use is recommended to maintain and build the seasoning.

Yes, Seasoning Wipes are suitable for use on both new and old cast iron cookware. They have been specifically designed to help maintain as well as continue to build the seasoning on cookware

Seasoning Wipes are specifically designed for use on bare cast iron cookware and are not recommended for enamel-coated surfaces. Enamel-coated cast iron requires different care and maintenance methods.

Seasoning Wipes are designed to leave a thin layer of polymerized oil on the cookware's surface when heated, which is what helps build and maintain the seasoning.

Seasoning Wipes are specifically formulated for use on cookware that requires seasoning such as cast iron and carbon steel. They are not intended for use on other types of cookware or surfaces.

Seasoning Wipes are designed for single-use and are disposable. Each wipe has the perfect amount of oil blend and intended to be used once for optimal results.

Seasoning Wipes are both compostable & biodegradable. We love our planet just as much as you do.

It is recommended to store Seasoning Wipes in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This helps preserve the quality and effectiveness of the wipes.

Seasoning Oil FAQ

One container of Seasoning Oil should last a minimum of 3 months with everyday use!

Absolutely not required! We recommend following the instructions outlined here

Generally this would mean that too much was applied. In the seasoning world, less is more. Heat the pan and wipe it as dry as possible.

Absolutely! Most flat top griddles are carbon steel and will love our Seasoning Oil blend! We have many customers with Blackstone and Camp Chef griddles who have had great success with our products. We recommend using our instructions outline here